Who We Are

Client Service Charter

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Our Purpose

The purpose of Legal Aid ACT is to promote a just society in the Australian Capital Territory by:

We achieve this purpose by delivering a range of high quality legal services through our staff and professional partners in a caring manner that respects diversity and promotes confidence in the legal system.

Our Services

The following services are free of charge and are not subject to a means test:

We also provide the following services that may be subject to payment of a contribution:

Our commitment to you

In providing these services our staff will observe the highest standards of ethical and professional behaviour and:

What you can do to help us

In order for us to fulfil our commitment to you we need your help in the following the ways:

We value your feedback

Because we are committed to continuously improving our services we welcome your feedback. If you are happy with the service you received please tell us because our staff like to know when clients are satisfied. On the other hand, if there is something about our services you are not happy about please tell us so we can do better.

If you have a complaint about our services, a staff member, or a private lawyer providing services on our behalf, please write to the Chief Executive Officer at GPO Box 512 Canberra ACT 2601 or email your complaint to legalaidact@legalaidact.org.au.