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FAQs - Legal Advice

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Who can get legal advice?

We focus on giving legal advice to people who need it most, including people who:

We give free legal advice on a range of matters but give priority to people who need advice on:

We don't give legal advice about financial or business matters, such as taxation or commercial law, buying property, superannuation law, or intellectual property law.

See Legal Advice to find out if we can give you free legal advice about your matter. If we are not able to help you, we may be able to refer you to another service that can.

Do I have to pay for legal advice?

No. A one-off legal advice session with a Legal Aid lawyer is free. There is no charge for this service.

Where and how do I get legal advice?

Our lawyers are available to give legal advice at locations in the ACT, including:

Our lawyers can give legal advice:

We do not provide legal advice by email or internet.

Do I have to telephone first or can I just turn up at a Legal Aid ACT office?

You can always come in to our office, but lawyers are only available to give legal advice on some days. It's best if you call and talk to us about times when a lawyer will be available to give you advice about your matter. If you call us, we will quickly direct you to the right service.

Can I get an interpreter or other communication assistance?

Yes, and it's free. Legal words are sometimes hard to understand. If you would like to have an interpreter to help you, tell us when you call us. We will arrange for an interpreter by phone or in person. Auslan interpreters may be available.

What do I need to do before seeing a lawyer?

Before seeing a lawyer you should:

How long will I get to spend with the lawyer?

The amount of time you get to spend with a lawyer will depend on your legal matter. It could be from 10 minutes to up to 30 minutes. Longer sessions are available for people with special circumstances, such as if you need an interpreter. As the time is limited, our lawyers may not be able to read all of your paperwork or help you with a complex legal issue.

What if I need more help?

If you need more legal help, you may be able to apply for a grant of legal assistance for a lawyer to run your case. We can help you fill in the form. We may also be able to refer you to other services for help.