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Legal Aid ACT have a number of publications available online or from any of our offices.

The below files are presented in Portable Document Format, or PDF. If you are having trouble viewing them, please download a free copy of Adobe Reader by clicking the below image or call our helpline on 1800 654 314 between 8:30am and 5pm weekdays to arrange a physical copy.

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Light at the end of the tunnel (PDF, 1907KB) - This report details research undertaken by Dr Liz Curran on behalf of Legal Aid ACT. The research looked at Legal Aid ACT and the quality of its legal services to clients.

Youth Law Matters (PDF, 1463KB) - is a legal information handbook for young people, published by Legal Aid ACT

How can we help you? (PDF, 550KB) - A fact sheet of Frequently Asked Questions regarding legal aid Services.

Free Legal Services in the ACT (PDF, 505KB) - A fact sheet with details of all of the free or low cost legal information and advice services that are available in the ACT.

Applying for Legal Assistance (PDF, 655KB) - A pamphlet explaining how to apply for financial assistance for legal representation, including eligibility requirements and the conditions on which grants of assistance are made.

Our Criminal Law Practice (PDF, 544KB) provides a full range of criminal law work for clients.

Our Family Law Practice (PDF, 653KB) undertakes work in a broad range of family law issues, child care and protection matters and child support.

Our Community Liaison Unit (PDF, 308KB) - What Legal Aid ACT's Community Liaison Unit does, including our Cultural Liaison Officers, Aboriginal Liaison Officers, Family Violence Officer, outreach, information sessions, migrration clinic, and community legal education.

Getting a Divorce (PDF, 443KB) - information about applying for a divorce in the ACT.

Employment Law (PDF, 279KB) - Do you have a problem at work? Have you been unfairly dismissed? Questions about your employment or the rights you have as an employee?

What to do after a car accident (PDF, 1463KB) - This information was prepared for ACT readers who were involved in a motor vehicle crash and who are not insured for property damage. If you are insured, you should contact your insurance provider to obtain information on how to lodge a claim.

Drink driving offences and applying for restricted licence.

Domestic violence orders and Personal Protection Orders (PDF, 461KB) - These are orders made by the court to protect a person (the applicant) from future assaults, threats of violence, property damage, stalking, acts of indecency, harassment and offensive conduct by another person (the respondent). They protect the applicant by ordering the respondent not to engage in conduct that amounts to domestic or personal violence.

Character References (PDF, 351KB) - What is a character reference? Who can write one? What does it need to include?

Legal Health checklist (PDF, 628KB) - People realise that maintaining their health requires regular, methodical checking. You should also check your legal health to ensure that your legal affairs are in order

Mental Health Matters (PDF, 539KB) - People who have been detained in hospital under the Mental Health (Treatment and Care) Act 1994 can be advised and assisted by a legal aid duty lawyer.

Neighbourhood Disputes (PDF, 1463KB) - Neighbourhood disputes can arise over many issues including noise pollution, fence repairs and pets. It is essential to address any problems as soon as they arise by negotiating or mediating with your neighbour or seeking advice.

Plea of guilty (PDF, 421KB) - Are you entering a plea of guilty?

Reporting Misconduct (PDF, 672KB) - Making a public interest disclosure to Legal Aid.

Student Legal Survival Guide (PDF, 627KB) - Do you have concerns about your housing? Work? Drink driving charges? Debt? Visas? Your personal safety?

Wills (PDF, 674KB) - Legal Aid does not provide assistance in writing wills or administering a deceased's estate. However it can give advice and help you identify will related issues.

Grandparents (PDF, 407KB) - Are you a grandparent who is raising a grandchild? Do you look after a grandchild for long periods of time? Are you thinking about doing this? If so, this fact sheet has been written for you.

Property Settlement after Separation (PDF, 679KB)

Parenting Arrangements after Separation (PDF, 765KB)

Free Law Directory (PDF, 638KB) - updated April 2016