Wednesday 30 November 2022 at 1:00pm

We have focused strongly on supporting our clients who use our services throughout the year, but we are also providing support to our staff who have been impacted by this cyber incident.

Our staff are the ones who have been tirelessly working nights and weekends to identify the impacts from this crime and to keep our services going.

I am proud of their commitment to looking after their clients and making sure they get the support they need. This crime has been distressing for our team and I applaud them for the care they have provided to so many Canberrans since this event happened earlier this month.

I would encourage any former Legal Aid ACT staff to consider that they might be impacted by this crime as well. The cybercriminals stole a large range of information from our systems that included staff emails and other records.

We cannot advise if your particular information was included in this crime, but the safest option is to assume it may have been stolen.

We have developed some factsheets to support our clients and staff. We encourage you to read them carefully and act if you think you may need to protect your interests.

Find out more about our cyber incident

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