Legal Aid Helpline

Legal Aid Helpline - 1300 654 314

The Legal Aid ACT Helpline is a free, confidential phone service that will connect you to a paralegal.

Helpline Paralegals can:

  • Provide you with legal information;
  • Help you work out what to do next to resolve your legal problem;
  • Organise appointments for you to obtain free legal advice;
  • Tell you the best the place to go for more help;
  • Send you information and resources relating to your legal problem; and
  • Send you an application form for a grant of legal assistance. 

The Legal Aid Helpline now has extended hours. The Helpline operates:

  • Monday 8.30am to 7.00pm
  • Tuesday 8.30am to 7.00pm
  • Wednesday 8.30am to 7.00pm
  • Thursday 8.30am to 7.00pm
  • Friday 8.30am to 5.00pm

If we are unable to immediately answer your call, please leave a voice message with your name, contact number and legal issue and we will return your call. Please note that we will call you from a private number.

Speakers of other languages can call the Helpline by calling the Translating and Interpreter Service (TIS) on 131 450 and asking to connect with the Legal Aid Helpline on 1300 654 314.

Live Chat

Live Chat will connect you online to a paralegal.

Live Chat Paralegals can send you information pamphlets and links to help you understand your situation. They can also send you an application form for a grant of legal assistance. 

Live Chat operates daily Monday to Friday from 8:30am to 4:30pm.

To begin chatting with a paralegal, please click on the ‘Live Chat’ button on our website.

Legal Advice

For information on what Legal Aid can provide legal advice on, please see Legal Advice.