Who We Are

The Legal Aid Commission (ACT) is an independent statutory authority established under the Legal Aid Act 1977. The Commission's function is to provide legal assistance in the Australian Capital Territory. Legal assistance includes legal information and advice, duty lawyer services, and grants of financial assistance.

The Commission provides these services under the name Legal Aid ACT.

Our services are free of charge, except for grants of financial assistance which are means-tested and may be subject to payment of a contribution. We are funded by the Commonwealth and ACT governments, but carry out our functions independent of government.

For more information about our services see What We Do.

The Commission's Mission is to promote a just society in the Australian Capital Territory by:

  • ensuring that vulnerable and disadvantaged people receive the legal services they need to assert or defend their rights;
  • developing an improved community understanding of the law; and
  • seeking reform of laws that adversely affect those we assist.

We achieve this purpose by delivering a range of high quality legal aid services through our staff and professional partners in a caring manner that respects diversity and promotes confidence in the legal system.

Our Vision is to be a leader in the delivery of legal aid, recognised for the excellence of our services and for the caring, responsive and professional manner in which they are provided.

The Commission places great importance on certain values or principles that motivate our actions and characterise the services we provide. These are:

  • We are committed to helping disadvantaged people achieve justice.
  • We respect people and their diversity.
  • We value integrity and ethical conduct.
  • We work collaboratively with others to meet people's needs.
  • We value and protect our statutory independence.
  • We are accountable and encourage innovation.