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Completing Form 866 and 1505 (pdf, 969.19 KB) - Form 866 is for Permanent Protection Visas. Form 1505 is for those already on Temporary Protection Visa (TPV) or Safe Haven Enterprise Visa (SHEV

40 Years of the Legal Aid Commission (ACT) (pdf, 437.98 KB) - Across 2017-18, the Legal Aid Commission (ACT) is celebrating 40 years of service to Canberra and the surrounding region.

Adult children at home (pdf, 1.44 MB) - When adult children look to return to their parents' home, the request may be sudden and unexpected. On the other hand, sometimes your children have difficulty moving out, whether due to financial or social pressures. Having an adult child (and possibly their children too) sharing your house is not always easy and their behaviour may make things worse.

Are you a grandparent who is raising a grandchild? (pdf, 411.25 KB) - Are you a grandparent who is raising a grandchild? Do you look after a grandchild for long periods of time? Are you thinking about doing this? If so, this fact sheet has been written for you.

Are you applying for a Grant of Assistance? (pdf, 500.94 KB) - A factsheet explaining how to apply for financial assistance for legal representation, including answering why you may need to apply for a grant of assistance and eligibility requirements.  If you need help filling out the form itself, see the factsheet called 'Filling out the Form - Applying for a Grant of Assistance Guide'

Are you getting divorced? (pdf, 570.6 KB) - Information about applying for a divorce in the ACT.

Are you separated? Are you in the process of a property settlement? (pdf, 505.51 KB) - This factsheet provides basic information on property settlement after separation. 

Are you separated? Do you need to make parenting arrangements? (pdf, 428.15 KB) - This factsheet provides basic information on making parenting arrangements for children after you have separated.  

Attending an interview with Asylum Seekers (pdf, 410.87 KB) - It is illegal for people who are not registered migration agents to help a person or give a person advice about applying for a visa. This includes the asylum seeker’s interview with the Department of Home Affairs.

BVE (IMA) Code of Behaviour and Conditions (pdf, 637.68 KB) - A Bridging Visa E (BVE) is a temporary visa that allows you to live in the Australian community lawfully while you are waiting for your refugee case to be finalised.

BVE Cancellation (pdf, 499.88 KB) - When a person’s Bridging Visa is cancelled, they become an unlawful non-citizen and are detained. A decision to cancel a Bridging Visa E (BVE), is not necessarily a final decision of your immigration status.

BVEs for people who arrived by boat (pdf, 445.74 KB) - A Bridging Visa E (‘BVE’) allows you to stay in the community while you are waiting for your Protection Visa application to be considered or for permission to apply.

Care For Your Assets (pdf, 2.09 MB) - This guide is about the things that are important to everyone - family relationships, money and a place to live.  Many older people choose to move in with family members so they can get the care they need as they get older. These arrangements often work well for everyone involved, but at OPALS we know things can take a turn for the worse. Unfortunately, it is usually the older people who suffer the consequences and this is often avoidable. 

Community Liaison Unit (pdf, 333.43 KB) - Information about Legal Aid ACT's Community Liaison Unit, including Cultural Liaison Officers, Aboriginal Liaison officers, Family Violence officers, our Migration Clinic and our Community Legal Education services. For information on our website, visit Community Liaison Unit. 

Concerned about someone? (pdf, 1.94 MB) - Information for family and friends concerned about someone who may be experiencing elder abuse or family violence.

Decision making and your rights (pdf, 1.2 MB) - Everyone wants to make their own decisions about things that affect their lives, and not be controlled by others. As the law says, we must presume that adults have 'capacity' to make decisions for themselves unless proven otherwise.

Do you have a mental health matter? (pdf, 417.32 KB) - People who have been detained in hospital under the Mental Health (Treatment and Care) Act 1994 can be advised and assisted by a legal aid duty lawyer.

Do you have a problem at work? (pdf, 341.94 KB) - Do you have a problem at work? Have you been unfairly dismissed? Questions about your employment or the rights you have as an employee?

Do you have a problem with your neighbour? (pdf, 497.38 KB) - Neighbourhood disputes can arise over many issues including noise pollution, fence repairs and pets. It is essential to address any problems as soon as they arise by negotiating or mediating with your neighbour or seeking advice.

Do you have a will? (pdf, 575.02 KB) - Legal Aid does not provide assistance in writing wills or administering a deceased's estate. However it can give advice and help you identify will related issues.

Do you want to make a complaint about an official or agency in the ACT public sector? (pdf, 341.22 KB) - Do you want to make a complaint about an official or agency in the ACT public sector? Reporting misconduct and how to make a public interest disclosure.

Family Advocacy and Support Services (pdf, 339.23 KB) - The Family Advocacy and Support Services (FASS) is a free service providing assistance to families with family law matters who have been affected by family violence.

Family Law Services in the ACT (pdf, 366.34 KB) - Service Directory. Developed by the Family Law Pathways Network 2017

Filing for Judicial Review in the Federal Circuit Court – Canberra (pdf, 560.3 KB) - This factsheet is for people who have decided to file an application for judicial review in the Federal Circuit Court (‘FCC’) without legal help.

Filling out the Form - Applying for a Grant of Assistance Guide (pdf, 1.93 MB) - This guide will help you to fill in the Application for Legal Assistance form. This guide was created to be read and worked through while filling out the application form. You can get a copy of the actual application form by contacting Legal Aid ACT on 1300 654 314. This guide is not an application form. If you need an Application for Legal Assistance form contact Legal Aid ACT. 

First time in court? Are you entering a plea of guilty? (pdf, 503.35 KB) - Is this your first time in court? Are you thinking of entering a plea of guilty? It is important to get legal advice before deciding whether to plead guilty or not-guilty. 

Free Law Directory (pdf, 652.84 KB) - The ACT Legal Assistance Forum's Free Law Directory is a guide to the free and low-cost legal services in Canberra. 

Free Legal Services in the ACT (pdf, 415.12 KB) - A fact sheet with details of all of the free or low cost legal information and advice services that are available in the ACT.

Gifts, loans and debts (pdf, 1.68 MB) - It's important to know your rights and responsibilities and what can go wrong when you help someone out financially.

Have you been charged with a drink driving offence? (pdf, 423.16 KB) - Drink driving offences and applying for a restricted licence in the ACT. 

Have you had a car accident? (pdf, 428.17 KB) - This information was prepared for ACT readers who were involved in a motor vehicle crash and who are not insured for property damage. If you are insured, you should contact your insurance provider to obtain information on how to lodge a claim.

Helping with forms if you are not a Registered Migration Agent (pdf, 391.69 KB) - This factsheet is for people in the community who would like to help people seeking asylum to complete visa application forms.

How can we help you? (pdf, 432.7 KB) - This factsheet gives an overview of the ways in which Legal Aid ACT can help you resolve your legal problem. 

How to complete and lodge an application for a protection visa (pdf, 512.17 KB) - If you arrived in Australia legally (by plane) you can apply for a Permanent Protection Visa Subclass 866 or Temporary Protection Visa Subclass 785.

How to write a Statement PV (pdf, 636.95 KB) - In order to make an application for a Protection Visa, you must indicate the reasons you believe you are owed protection. It is recommended that you write a separate statement and attach it to the form to provide as much detail and information to the Department of Home Affairs.

Immigration detention and human rights (pdf, 398.25 KB) - This factsheet is designed to give you information on the organisations that monitor and report on the conditions in immigration detention, including about a person’s continued detention.

Legal Health checklist (pdf, 627.98 KB) - People realise that maintaining their health requires regular, methodical checking. You should also check your legal health to ensure that your legal affairs are in order

Light at the end of the tunnel (pdf, 1.86 MB) - This report details research undertaken by Dr Liz Curran on behalf of Legal Aid ACT. The research looked at Legal Aid ACT and the quality of its legal services to clients.

Ministerial Intervention (pdf, 1.09 MB) - This factsheet explains how to write a letter to request Ministerial Intervention under either section 417 or section 48B of the Migration Act 1958 (the ‘Act’).

Older Persons ACT Legal Service (pdf, 323.28 KB) - Older Persons ACT Legal Service (OPALS) is a specialist service within Legal Aid ACT which aims to provide legal assistance to older people in the Canberra region with legal problems. 

Our Criminal Law Practice (pdf, 473.99 KB) - Our Criminal Law practice provides a wide range of services. For further information on the services offered by Legal Aid ACT, visit our website. 

Our Family Law Practice (pdf, 423.03 KB) - Our Family Law practice provides a wide range of legal and non-legal support services. For more information on the services offered by Legal Aid ACT, visit our website.  

Personal Safety: Do you need a Family Violence Order? Do you need a Personal Protection Order? (pdf, 432.4 KB) - These are orders made by the court to protect a person (the applicant) from future assaults, threats of violence, property damage, stalking, acts of indecency, harassment and offensive conduct by another person (the respondent). If you are worried about your personal safety get in touch with Legal Aid ACT.

Plan for your safety (pdf, 1.71 MB) - Information for older people who may be at risk of elder abuse. Everyone has the right to live in a respectful and safe environment. However, people may not feel safe if they are experiencing abuse from a partner, a family member or another person who lives in their home, such as an adult child. But it is important to remember there are things you can do to protect yourself from violence or abuse.

Providing evidence of your identity (pdf, 457.61 KB) - With an application for a Protection Visa, the Department of Home Affairs (the ‘Department’) asks that you provide documentary evidence of your identity, nationality or citizenship. This factsheet describes the documents you may need to provide and the requirements surrounding these documents. This information is for people seeking asylum who are currently in Australia.

Refused by the Department (Fast Track - Boat Arrival) (pdf, 560.94 KB) - This information is for people who arrived to Australia by boat and are being processed under “Fast Track”.

Refused by the Department (Plane Arrival) (pdf, 438.05 KB) - This information is for people who: Arrived to Australia legally (by plane on a valid visa and cleared through immigration clearance); and Who have received a negative decision from the Department of Home Affairs (the ‘Department’) about whether they are a refugee or owed complimentary protection obligations.

Stay Here, Stay Safe (pdf, 557.22 KB) - Legal Aid ACT's publication about migration and family violence provisions.

Student Legal Survival Guide (pdf, 513.86 KB) - Do you have concerns about your housing? Work? Drink driving charges? Debt? Visas? Your personal safety?

Temporary Protection Visas (TPV) and Safe Haven Enterprise Visas (SHEV) (pdf, 612.42 KB) - This information is for asylum seekers who arrived by boat or plane without a valid visa or who were not immigration cleared.   If you are found to be owed protection obligations by the Australian Government as part of the protection visa application process, you can be granted either a Temporary Protection Visa (TPV) or a Safe Haven Enterprise Visa (SHEV).

What is a character reference? (pdf, 407.07 KB) - What is a character reference? Who can write one? What does it need to include?

What is a guardian? What is a guardianship order? (pdf, 337.08 KB) - A guardian is a person who is appointed to make certain decisions for you where you do not have the capacity to make the decisions for yourself

What to expect at an Interview (pdf, 472.53 KB) - After you have lodged your application for a protection visa with the Department of Home Affairs (the ‘Department’), you will wait a few months before receiving a letter inviting you to a time and place for the interview.

What to expect at the Tribunal (pdf, 546.89 KB) - This factsheet is for people who have the right to a merits review hearing with the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT). This is mainly people who arrived by plane, although it can include some people who arrived by boat to Australia.

Who is a refugee? (pdf, 410.12 KB) - This information is for people seeking asylum who are currently in Australia.

Working with older people at risk of abuse (pdf, 1.38 MB) - Information for workers about promoting the safety and wellbeing of older people. Older people have the right to live in safety, to be treated with dignity and respect and to make their own decisions. Some older people are denied their rights through elder abuse, sometimes by those who are closest to them. As support workers, we can help promote an older person's safety and wellbeing. It is important that we do so in ways that respects the rights of older people.

Youth Law Matters (pdf, 2.93 MB) - Youth Law Matters was created to help you understand some of the law that are about young people and can affect you.